Preference #14: He Hears You Cuss for the First Time

Louis: You two were making dinner, moving around the kitchen to get the ingredients you needed. In the process of reaching for the spatula, Louis had somehow managed to step on your toe. “Shit!” you hissed quietly as you stepped back from him. He looked at you with wide eyes, making you narrow yours at him, “What?” “You cussed!” he exclaimed, pulling you in for a hug. You rolled your eyes but laughed anyways, “Since when was cussing something to be excited about?” He pulled away, grinning at you. “It’s the first time I’ve ever heard you cuss, let me have a moment,” he said, pretending to tear up.
Liam: After a long day of work, you and Liam decided to relax by watching a movie. But you weren’t expecting to be watching a horror movie. You buried your face into Liam’s chest, wincing at the grueling sounds coming from the TV. “We can turn it off love,” he told you soothingly as he tightened his arm around you. You looked up at him and saw that he was still engrossed in the movie. Not wanting to stop him from watching you turned his offer down. It can’t be that bad, you thought as you decided to peek at the screen. Just as you did a horrifying face popped out of nowhere. “What the fuck!” you exclaimed as you buried your head in Liam’s chest again. Liam laughed kissing the top of your head, “You’ve been spending too much time with Niall (Y/N).”
Harry: Your eyes were feeling heavy as you tried to read the sentence in your textbook again. Harry had somehow convinced you that studying at his flat would help you concentrate but his hands rubbing small circles on your waist and back were not helping. Sighing, you scooted closer to him on the couch and he wrapped his arms around you. “Just take a break from studying for a while babe,” he murmured. “If I do that I’ll fail the fucking test,” you said, frustrated. Harry didn’t respond, so you turned to look at him, “What?” “Is it bad that you cussing is turning me on?” He earned a smack on the arm for that one.
Zayn: “Don’t cheat (Y/N)!” Zayn shouted playfully at you as you tried to knock the controller out of his hands. He had invited you over to his flat for a lazy day and you two decided playing video games would be fun. It soon turned competitive; both of you eager for the playful bragging rights that came with wining. Unfortunately you had accidentally pressed the wrong button. “Fuck!” you exclaimed trying to somehow take back the button you had pushed. Zayn laughed, “I won!” You frowned at him, “I accidentally pushed the wrong button!” He only laughed more and pressed a kiss to your lip. “Don’t be a sore loser babe! And cussing is bad, you should know better,” he winked at you before kissing you once again.
Niall: You stormed into Niall’s flat, him following closely behind. “(Y/N) calm down,” he said soothingly. You two went to dinner with some of your friends and you were shocked when they started to insult him right to his face. “Niall they were making fun of you! That’s not something to be calm about!” you exclaimed. “Babe I’m fine. I hate seeing you get upset because of me,” he frowned deeply. Your expression softened and you let him wrap you into one of his famous Horan hugs. “I’m sorry my friends are a shower of cunts,” you said into his chest. He immediately laughed, making you smile at the sound. “And I’m sorry you picked that up from me,” he said burying his face into the crook of your neck.

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